NBA Week in Review: Trade deadline, Brook Lopez on Deadpool

This week’s NBA Week in Review features a trade deadline recap, Brook Lopez on Deadpool and a thought on Chris Bosh. 
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Welcome back to the NBA Week in Review, which enjoyed its All-Star break in the tropical locale of Brooklyn, N.Y. This week, we have a recap of the trade deadline, a note on Chris Bosh and Brook Lopez on the new Deadpool movie. Read the last installment here.

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Stories of the Week

• So the trade deadline was kind of a bust, eh? No big trades were swung Thursday, and every Woj tweet resulted in the feeling you experience after spending lots of money on an expensive meal without getting full by the end. The trade deadline is a weird exercise in our obsession with NBA transactions. Deadspin’s Kevin Draper touched on this before, but it’s kind of crazy how excited we get for breaking trade news that teams themselves will announce shortly after. Maybe next year we’ll all be a little more relaxed.

NBA trade deadline winners and losers

• That’s a lie. Next year I’m going to inject NBA Twitter feeds right into my veins. 

• The All-Star Weekend seemed like a success despite the weather. The only issue I had were the staggering number of takes on Sunday night. Between Sting, Drake and the lack of defense, Twitter was blowing up with some angry NBA fans. It’s just the All-Star Game! It wouuuld have been nice to see LeBron and Kobe square off in a competitive game in the fourth, though.

• Some things I’m looking forward to in the second half of the season: Blake Griffin playing basketball again, Randy Wittman coaching Markieff Morris and Sam Hinkie finding out he can’t swim in a pool of second-round draft picks like Donald Duck in a pool of money.

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Tweet(s) of the Week

Andre Drummond killed it this week.


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Vine(s) of the Week



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Six takeaways from the trade deadline ... Grades for every deadline deal ... You should really try your hand at our insanely hard NBA trade trivia quiz ... Chris Ballard wrote a fun peek into the life of Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki ... Los Angeles will reportedly host the 2018 All-Star Game ... Here are some player accounts from the crazy, 2015 trade deadline ... The NBA’s most expensive players per minute

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The Ben Golliver YouTube Corner

After mysteriously missing the All-Star Game in Toronto, Heat forward Chris Bosh seems to be in the midst of another blood clot scare. As of Thursday night, Bosh’s status is still a little unclear. Either way, it’s sad news for someone who worked himself back from a life-threatening illness to play in every game for his team this season. This is my favorite Bosh shot, from arguably my favorite Heat game during the Big Three era. One game after their 27-game win streak ended, Bosh hit an outstanding game-winner over Tim Duncan.

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The Fashion Outlet


Somebody please tell me where Dwyane Wade got this jacket. I NEED IT.

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The One-Question Interview

Off-the-court only. This week, Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez. Check for more with Brook next week!

Rohan Nadkarni: I know you’re a pretty big comic book guy. Have you seen Deadpool yet?

Brook Lopez:It wasn't my thing. I didn't really care for it.

Report: Rockets set asking price too high for Dwight Howard trade

Really? It’s been getting great reviews.

BL: It has. I love Deadpool as a character. The Joe Kelly, the Ed McGinnis runs, all that stuff. To me, the movie, the trailers didn't really look too appealing to me. Then I saw it was getting great critical reviews, making great box office receipts. My friends and I figured we would give it a shot but we didn’t really enjoy it. I don’t know. We just thought it tried too hard.

RN:Let me ask you something, do you have to sit in the back row?

BL: No, I sat in the front row.

RN:You’re lying, man.

BL: No, I did. 

RN:What about all the people behind you?

BL: I mean, it’s stadium seating.

• MORE NBA: Trade deadline wrap: We experienced a dud of a day

RN:Do you have a favorite comic book movie of this recent era? Or have they not met your expectations?

BL:It's tough for me because I read the comics a lot and I have a specific vision for a lot of characters. They change them a decent amount for a lot of the movies, so a lot of media is pretty hit or miss for me. But I enjoy pretty much all the Marvel universe movies. I love their shared universe and they’ve stayed pretty true for the most part. I’m not big on DC’s TV universe. I loved Ant-Man. I’m excited for Captain America: Civil War. I’m hoping for the Batman movie, I don't know, but I’m hoping. I’m a big DC comics fan and I’ve always been a big DC guy so I’m hoping it will be all right.