Draymond Green lands on teammate Ian Clark, sending both to the locker room with injuries

The teammates had a scary collision on Friday.
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Warriors forward Draymond Green landed on top of teammate Ian Clark during the third quarter of Friday’s game against the Lakers, sending both to the locker room with separate injuries.

Clark appeared to get the worst of the collision, after Green appeared to knock his head against the ground with his leg. Announcers speculated that he would be examined for a concussion, while Green’s ankle turned on the play and sent him limping off.

The team later said that both players would not return to the game. Green was diagnosed with a left ankle contusion, while Clark was said not to have a concussion, but had been hit in the throat.

At the time, Golden State led 74–56 with 3:04 to go in the period.

Andre Iguodala, David West and Andre Iguodala came on shortly after, as Stephen Curry subbed out.

– Kenny Ducey