NBA Social Rankings: Who Won The Week?

LeBron's legendary water bottle flip, a surprising amount of Knicks connections, and an epic Draymond Green burn highlight this week's NBA Social Rankings.
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Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. The seventh week of the NBA season gave us a legendary water bottle flip, a surprising amount of Knicks connections, and an epic Draymond Green burn. We'll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out:

Then And Now: The Evolution Of LeBron James

1. LeBron James

If the objective of these rankings is to find who won the week online, it’s pretty hard to deny LeBron's domination. First, he was a great sport about wearing a Cubs uniform after losing a World Series bet with Dwyane Wade:

Then, he tweaked his ankle against Toronto but shook it off like a pro:

But, most triumphantly, he tried to flip a water bottle on the sacred Madison Square Garden floor.

Gotta hone your water bottle flipping skills, Bron. Everything else is looking good.

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2. Lauren Miles

C.J. Miles’s wife, Lauren, absolutely ENDED Draymond Green after he kicked a player for the second time in four days.

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3. Nick Young

This guy is insane. How does he manage to emerge a winner even when sidelined? He just made an apple look cool!

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4. Knicks bench

It’s time we start talking about how awesome these celebrations are from the Knicks bench. Their “three telescope” collaboration has evolved each week.

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5. Kyle O’Quinn

Speaking of Knicks, O’Quinn been tweeting in a secret code for four weeks now. At this point it’s downright impressive. You guys want to help me figure out what it all means?

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6. Amar’e Stoudemire

Okay, speaking of more Knicks... so this is technically something that happened on the court, and it involved a former NBA player. But hear me out. This screen was filled with the force of 1,000 angry Draymond Greens.

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7. Bucks fans

If you can’t hear, that’s a “SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER!” chant from fans in Milwaukee. Can’t think of a better way to diss Damian Lillard. Let’s be honest, his rhymes are good, but I don’t even think he’s the best rapper in the NBA. Have you guys heard Iman Shumpert’s “Shumpman” mixtape?

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8. Sacramento Kings

The Kings’ Twitter was on this week, as always.

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9. J.R. Smith

No, J.R. If it were up to all of us, you would be the only person receiving present this Christmas.

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10. Carmelo Anthony

This is an NBA Social Rankings record that will never be broken. The Knicks bench, two Knicks, and two former Knicks. Look, I can’t get enough of these cryptic tweets from Melo. I love every one. I need them injected straight into my veins. Don’t you love mystery?