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This Metta World Peace prediction shows how quickly Stephen Curry became a superstar

Not too long ago, Stephen Curry was just a pretty good NBA player. 
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Today, Stephen Curry rivals LeBron James as the NBA’s most recognizable star, but that would have been inconceivable not that long ago. 

Curry’s first four seasons in the NBA were unremarkable, especially by his now-lofty standards. During that time, he averaged 19.2 points per game and shot 46.5% from the field. He wasn’t even named to an All-Star team. Still, veteran forward Metta World Peace saw something in Curry and made a bold prediction while watching him in the playoffs against the Spurs. 

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World Peace dug up the old tweet on Tuesday to show how he was roundly mocked for suggesting that Curry could be the best player in the league. 

Curry, of course, went on to win back-to-back MVP awards, though World Peace was just a year too early with his prediction. He finished sixth in MVP voting the year after World Peace’s prediction, behind Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Joakim Noah and James Harden. Curry’s breakout came one year later, when he was the overwhelming MVP choice over LeBron.