Here's a look at the schedule for the beginning of the NBA playoffs. 

By SI Wire
April 06, 2017

After more than five months, the NBA regular season is nearly finished. 

Though there was no small amount of drama between November and March, the Warriors and Cavaliers appear to be favorites to return to the NBA Finals for a third straight season. 

But first they'll have to get through some tough challengers. In the West, the Spurs and Rockets will be Golden State's primary challengers, while the Cavs will have to deal with the Celtics, Raptors and Wizards. 

The playoffs are set to begin on Saturday, April 15. Rosters for the playoffs will be set the previous afternoon. 

The conference semifinals will start on May 1, with the conference finals most likely starting May 16, though the league has the option to move up that start date to May 14 or 15. 

The NBA Finals will begin on June 1. 

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