From Christmas Day to the All-Star Game, what had NBA fans talking on Twitter?

By SI Wire
April 13, 2017

No one uses Twitter quite like NBA fans. During big games it becomes an essential second-screen experience for fans to react to big moments in real time. For that reason, Twitter response is a pretty good indicator of what were the most important moments of the NBA season. 

Twitter crunched the numbers to find the most retweeted tweets, the most mentioned moments of the season and the most talked-about players and teams. Not surprisingly, the Cavaliers and Warriors dominate the lists, with four of the five top tweeted moments of the season coming from their epic Christmas Day showdown. 

Courtesy of Twitter

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After the All-Star break, the most talked-about play was Kyrie Irving’s slick game-tying layup against the Celtics

Courtesy of Twitter

Since the break fans have been talking the most about LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. 

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Twitter also calculated the top 25 most retweeted tweets of the season. The top three are below. 

With the regular season over, NBA fans set their sights on the playoffs, which begin Saturday. 

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