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The Warriors spilled almost $200K in champagne in their postgame celebration

Who’s picking up the tab?

That champagne you saw the Warriors spraying all over their locker room during their post-championship celebration? That wasn’t the cheap stuff. 

Even though most of it ended up on the floor, the Warriors shelled out the big bucks to get some real high-quality bubbly. To be precise, they had 150 Moët Impérial Golden Luminous Magnum Bottles that run $1,200 per, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. That works out to $180,000 (assuming Moët didn’t comp them the bottles in exchange for the publicity).


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Here’s what they wound up doing with most of those bottles. 

The players did drink at least some of it, though. Or, in the case of Kevin Durant, drink a little too much of it. 

Good thing Joe Lacob is a billionaire.