The NBA made some rule changes for next season that will affect the pace of play.

By Khadrice Rollins
July 12, 2017

The NBA Board of Governors unanimously approved rule changes presented by the Competition Committee that will impact the game's pace of play on Wednesday.

Here is a breakdown of the new rules regarding timeouts and delay-of-game penalties.

Media Timeouts

• There will be mandatory timeouts at the first stoppage after the seven-minute mark and three-minute mark in each quarter

• The under-nine-minute timeouts for the second and fourth quarters will be removed

• Halftime will last 15 minutes starting immediately after the end of the second quarter

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Team Timeouts

• The maximum number of timeouts per game will go from 18 to 14

• All teams will have seven timeouts of 75 seconds for the game, with no restrictions per half

• There will no longer be 90-second "full timeouts" or 60-second "20-second timeouts"

• Teams can enter the fourth quarter with up to four timeouts

• Teams will be limited to two timeouts after the final media timeout in the fourth quarter

• Teams will have two timeouts for each overtime period instead of three

Delay-of-Game Violations

• If a free throw shooter goes beyond the three-point line between attempts, he will be given a delay-of-game violation

• If a team is not ready to resume play at the end of halftime, they will be given a delay-of-game violation

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