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John Wall Chirps at Ronnie 2K Over NBA 2K Rating: 'u a joke!!'

John Wall won't forget this slight.

John Wall has quickly found a new source of motivation.

Just days after inking a four-year, $170 million 'Supermax' extension to become one of the league's highest-paid point guards, the Wizards star entered a feud online with NBA 2K digital marketing director Ronnie Sing, also known as "Ronnie 2K." Wall saw that he was rated a 90 overall, which he was not pleased with.

"U a joke!!" Wall yelled at Singh on Twitter.

Singh didn't appear to want any beef, kindly reminding Wall that he thought, at least, he was rated a 93 at the beginning of the year. Singh tried to make him feel a little better by telling him he was a 93 last season, to which Wallsaid "good try."


As it turns out, Wall was right—he was a 90 at the end of the year.

Why was John Wall correct? Because John Wall never, ever forgets. He's ripped us for placing him too low in our yearly rankings, and once even zinged Dennis Schroder back two years later because of an Instagram!

So you can be sure he won't forget this one.

Yet another example of an NBA player publicly ripping their 2K rating.