• LeBron James may cut out social media in the postseason, but his Instagram game has been on fire this summer. Here are his 10 best offseason moments.
By Kenny Ducey
August 11, 2017

In the modern NBA offseason, there are those who post workout videos, there are those who don’t post workout videos, there is a pillar of salt, and then there is LeBron James.

LeBron normally remains firmly in the public eye following the NBA season through social media, but this summer’s been special. After doing everything he could to beat the suped-up Warriors and still losing in five games, LeBron’s let it all go on Instagram through several workout videos and cryptic messages.

Along the way, he’s mixed in some downright hilarious moments with his family, showcased his golden voice and slipped in a few vicious ethers. Here are the 10 best moments (so far!) from the King’s adventurous offseason on social media.

10. Gives Good Advice to Those Riding Waves

9. Smokes a Cigar, Enjoys ‘The Fruits of His Labor’

8. Beatboxes with His Daughter, Zhuri

7. Likes the Phil Jackson Firing

For reference, LeBron wasn’t a fan of Phil Jackson referring to his group of business associates as his ‘posse.’

6. I Will Never Lose

You could look at it as some sort of subtle commentary on the Kyrie Irving saga. Or…OR…it’s just a huge endorsement of Meek Mill’s new album.

5. Screams at the Haters from a Gym Floor

4. Pelts Children with Water Balloons and Dunks on Them

Happy Birthday son, here’s a nice welt.

3. Steph Mocks LBJ's Workout Video Next to Kyrie Irving

We’ll get to the actual video Steph was making fun of later on, but the fact that this was a story shows how iconic that Instagram post really was.

2. The Draymond Green Instagram War

You can check out the full blow-by-blow here, but to recap: Draymond began the feud by rocking a ‘Quickie’ shirt and gloating about Golden State’s quick five-game Finals win.

LeBron responded with a ‘that’s what she said joke’, which was quite good, if I do say so myself:

And then Draymond referenced LeBron’s bald-headed workout video, like many would go on to.

You could de-ice an interstate with all this salt.

1. The Inaugural Workout Video

This is what set it all off. The war with Draymond. The workout videos to follow. The LeBron James Challenge. Hell, the bald head storyline! This is the moment that will forever be linked to LeBron’s 2017 offseason. And it’s all thanks to Tee Grizzley (who, by the way, saw his album sales skyrocket after LeBron posted this!)

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