Draymond Green trolls Cavaliers at Warriors' parade, LeBron James fires back

The pettiness is strong in this one.
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Draymond Green is apparently not a man to let slights, real or imagined, go. After the Warriors blew a 3–1 Finals lead against the Cavaliers last year, LeBron James appeared to tweak Golden State by wearing an "Ultimate Warrior" t-shirt during Cleveland's victory parade. Well, Draymond and the Warriors got their revenge this year, disposing of LeBron and the Cavs in five games (and protecting a 3–1 lead, no less), and he decided that turnabout is fair play, attire-wise.

Yes, that t-shirt reads "Quickie" next to a Larry O'Brien trophy—a mocking jab at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena logo.

And lest you think that this just happened to be a neat coincidence, here's Draymond admitting that, well, it ain't.

All hail Draymond Green, the patron saint of pettiness.

UPDATE: LeBron has seen the shirt and is taking it in stride.

Way to embrace your inner Michael Scott, man.

UPDATE 2: Russell Westbrook, from the top rope!

The NBA is tremendous.

UPDATE 3: If you thought Draymond wasn't going to respond to LeBron's shot, you don't know Draymond.

Let the record show that we're on Team Bald Bron.

UPDATE 4: Draymond is never going to stop going in on LeBron.

Here's hoping this feud lasts all off-season.