This looks like a GRIND. 

By Dan Gartland
August 18, 2017

The word “challenge” gets thrown around a lot on the internet but viral phenomena like the Running Man Challenge and Drive-By Dunk Challenge aren’t particularly challenging at all. The latest challenge that’s blowing up on Reddit, though, looks seriously difficult. 

Last week, user Imabucsfan posed a simple question: “You're locked in a gym and need to make 400 threes to get out, do you survive?”

The original post looks like a joke but a bunch of users took it seriously and set out to prove they were up to task. 

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The craze even spread to HUPU, a message board for Chinese basketball fans, and one guy showed up at a park just after dawn to attempt it. 

The best time so far is held by a user named YouGotJammed, who hit 83.5% of shots to complete the challenge in a blistering 1:14. (His video is the one at the top of this post.) The Chinese fan above was just a few minutes off the pace. 

It’s crazy to me that a bunch of regular dudes can hit that many threes that quickly. Just the act of shooting the ball 500-ish times must be pretty exhausting, even ignoring the fact that you have to collect your own rebound and hustle back behind the arc to keep up the pace. I know it would be incredibly dull to watch but this would be a fascinating alternative to the current NBA three-point contest. 

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