The Drive-By Dunk Challenge is the most enjoyable meme in a long time. 

By Dan Gartland
July 20, 2017

Teens, it turns out, are sometimes good, and the Drive-By Dunk Challenge is proof. But if you’re over a certain age and/or not an avid Instagram user, you probably don’t know what it is. That must be why you’re here. 

The craze started on Tuesday when a guy who goes by “t.currie” on Instagram posted this video where he dunks on hoops in strangers’ driveways. 


He has thrown down some impressive dunks before and gained a pretty sizeable following on Instagram, but the added element of some mild trespassing made this one pop. 

The video caught the attention of Bleacher Report’s ultra popular House of Highlights account and it quickly became a full-fledged meme.  

#DriveByDunkChallenge (Submitted by @ryanradke5)

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In just a little more than a day, there have been dozens of entries. Most of them seem like they’re actually on somebody else’s property, though I’m skeptical of the dunks on short rims.

#drivebydunkchallenge 😂💪🏽

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The guys in this one even got yelled at by one homeowner. 


#drivebydunkchallenge No Goals are safe 😂 sike nah 😅

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This one might be favorite, but I don’t see #pullupjumperchallenge taking off.


It isn’t tough to see this continuing to grow to the point even NBA players taking part. (And then it’ll die out in three weeks, like most memes do.)

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