Hoodie Melo is back to terrorize a pick-up game near you, and this time, Russell Westbrook is the competition.

By Khadrice Rollins
September 07, 2017

Hoodie Melo is back!

The 10-time All-Star is back hooping in the same gym where you've seen him with LeBron James, Kevin Durant and J.R. Smith this offseason. This time, he's going up against Russell Westbrook and Enes Kanter in a pick-up game that probably featured the most heat checks ever.

Hoodie Melo looks exactly as he has all offseason: unstoppable. Whether catch-and-shoot or off the dribble, Carmelo Anthony can't miss once he puts the hoodie on. Even Kanter knows there's no point in trying to play defense on Hoodie Melo, so he just kept his hands down and waited until Melo felt like putting the ball in the bucket (check the five second mark).

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Somehow, Westbrook found a way to make himself look even more like a video game. He gets to the rim with the same ease we are all accustomed to, but his shooting was the real highlight. Well, maybe the euro-step into the one-hand reverse dunk was actually the real highlight, but the fade-away baseline jumpers and the three off the behind-the-back dribble were also pretty cool.

While we eagerly await the start of the NBA season, watching Hoodie Melo take on All-NBA performs in this secret gym will be a good enough replacement until the real basketball starts up.

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