DeMar DeRozan still doesn’t like Sports Illustrated. 

By Dan Gartland
September 12, 2017

For the second straight year, DeMar DeRozan climbed significantly in’s ranking of the top 100 NBA players. For the second straight year, he’s mad at us. 

After coming in at No. 46 last year, DeRozan is up to No. 36 this year, ahead of Carmelo Anthony and Isaiah Thomas. He’s a tremendous shotmaker but lacks the perimeter game and distributing ability that would make him truly elite, not that he needs to be when he has Kyle Lowry in the backcourt with him. 

“​Our verdict comes down to this,” Rob Mahoney explained, “DeRozan is a refined, impressive scorer whose limitations create real problems.” 

DeRozan’s response was more curt but he made his point. 

DeRozan had a similar reaction when last year’s rankings put him at the bottom of the top 50. 

The No. 46 ranking became a popular talking point north of the border, especially when DeRozan dropped 40 in the Raptors’ opener. He went on to have a career year and earn his second straight All-Star appearance, proving us wrong. Maybe he’ll land in the top 20 next year if he does it again, or maybe we just really hate him. 

We’re already bracing for how the Raptors will react to Lowry’s spot on the list when the final installment of the rankings comes out tomorrow. 

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