The Raptors really aren’t going to forget where we ranked DeMar DeRozan, huh?

The Raptors have carried on a long feud against this very website. 
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This site’s relationship with the Raptors is perhaps a bit chilly. 

The foundation was laid when our Ben Golliver called out Toronto broadcaster Matt Devlin’s “unusual, and very aggressive” in-game Kyle Lowry All-Star campaign early last year.  Shameless as it may have been, the ploy worked and Lowry landed on his first career All-Star team. 

The next point of contention was the second piece of Toronto’s two-headed backcourt monster—DeMar DeRozan. He came in at No. 46 in our Top 100 NBA Players of 2017 list, up from No. 61 the year before.

DeRozan shot back with a pithy, but biting tweet—and, even better, put his money where his mouth is with a monster season debut. All throughout DeRozan’s 40-point performance, Raptors announcer Leo Rautins kept hammering the No. 46 ranking. 

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Are they happy, at least, that Kyle Lowry came in at No. 14?