Joel Embiid Clowns on Kevin Durant’s Alt Twitter Account Like Only He Can

Joel Embiid can teach Kevin Durant a thing or two about Twitter. 
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Every NBA fan has spent the entirety of their Monday making fun of Kevin Durant for inadvertently revealing he has another Twitter account he uses to defend himself against haters. NBA players have stayed out of it, until now.

Because no one in the NBA uses Twitter better than Joel Embiid, you could have guessed he would have the best response to KD’s blunder. 

Kevin Durant's Twitter Antics Prove His Critics Right

This goes deeper than just the MJ joke, though. The account Embiid tags—@QuireSultan—is apparently the name of the account Durant uses to defend himself on Instagram. (The Twitter account doesn’t appear to be KD’s.) Leave it to Embiid to go to the second level with his Twitter goofs. He’s the real pro.