Fashion killer. 

By Daniel Rapaport
September 20, 2017

There are a few different levels of fashion prowess. 

Level one: you dress really well. This is pretty common among athletes; when you make millions of dollars, you can afford nice clothes. Plus, having a world-class body means you can pull off any cut of any shirt, and ripped jeans actually look cool on you. 

Level two: you dress really well and you have unique style. You're a "tastemaker," per se. This level is a bit harder to reach, because a lot of athletes have stylists whose job is exactly this—to create a distinct look for each client. 

Level three: you're a fashion icon, you're a fixture in the front row of elite fashion shows...and you only wear your outfits once. In the current world of sports, only Russell Westbrook qualifies. 

Crowning the Fashion King: Russell Westbrook is SI's Most Fashionable Athlete 2017

While his former teammate Kevin Durant has been in the news for an embarrassing social media snafu, Westbrook was in a refreshingly good mood during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Westbrook discussed his fashion sense, fatherhood and more in the enjoyable sit-down with Ellen, and he revealed that he donates his clothes to Goodwill after just one use. 

The image of working-class people in Oklahoma City wearing a florescent silk Gucci sarong makes me happy. Very, very happy. 

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