Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe has a brand new look. 

By Dan Gartland
September 21, 2017

Customers who dropped $495 on Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe this spring won’t be receiving the shoes they ordered. Big Baller Brand released brand new designs for the ZO2 Prime on Thursday, replacing the prototype Ball wore in two games this summer. 

The new shoes are designed to be lightweight, using carbon fiber and mesh from racing yachts. 

If you ordered the ZO2 when it first went on sale, you’ll receive these shoes instead or can request a refund, with shoes sent to arrive in late November. If you order the redesigned shoes now you won’t receive them until early February. They still cost $495. 

The old design looked like this:

Courtesy: Big Baller Brand

Here’s a look at the new version. 

Big Baller Brand

Ball wore the original ZO2 in his first two summer league games but wore other brands’ shoes for the rest of his time in Las Vegas, fueling speculation he could be signing a more traditional sneaker deal. But Ball is expected to wear the revamped ZO2 when the Lakers start the preseason in a couple of weeks. 

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