Warriors Rookie Jordan Bell Made a Play So Amazing Kevin Durant Couldn’t Believe It

Rick Carlisle was not happy about Jordan Bell’s showboating. 
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The play of the night in Monday’s Warriors game wasn’t made by Stephen Curry, or Kevin Durant. Or Klay Thompson. Or Draymond Green. That honor belongs to rookie Jordan Bell. 

Late in the fourth quarter with the game long decided, Bell blocked a shot attempt by Dwight Powell and sprinted down the court, where JaVale McGee was able to hit him with a tipped outlet pass. Bell finished not just with a dunk, but with the added flourish of a pass to himself off the glass. 

Bell’s individual effort left Durant and Curry in awe. 


Mavs coach Rick Carlisle wasn’t as impressed, though. Steve Kerr tried to apologize to Carlisle but Carlisle was apparently uninterested in the mea culpa. Kerr told reporters after the game that he’d talk to Bell about the play.