J.R. Smith says he didn’t see LeBron’s post. His Instagram account says otherwise.

By Dan Gartland
November 07, 2017

You’d think that a guy like J.R. Smith, who appears to spend a significant amount of time on Instagram would know that other people can see what you click “like” on, but apparently not. 

J.R. was asked Tuesday about LeBron’s cryptic Instagram meme from Monday night and claimed he hadn’t seen it. 

“I didn’t see his social media,” Smith told reporters. “What happened?”

As you may have been able to tell by the way J.R. mumbled through the first part of his answer, he’s lying. It’s really, really easy to check who liked an Instagram post and sure enough, J.R. double-tapped LeBron’s. 

Maybe he’s lying to avoid having to answer a tough question. Or maybe he’s just one of those guys who likes every post from his friends without even paying attention to what it was. 

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