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Pelicans Halftime Show Answers the Question: What if Linkin Park Covered ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’?

Congratulations to the Tulane marching band for the most inexplicable halftime show yet. 

In the days before NBA League Pass, this clip would have been lost to history. Only the handful of fans who stayed in their seats at the Smoothie King Center during halftime of Wednesday’s Pelicans-Timberwolves game would have seen it. But this is 2017, where you can watch a regular season NBA halftime show, record it and post it online for everyone to see. For that, we should be grateful. 

Congratulations to the Tulane marching band for their bold reimagining of the 1999 song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Italian electro trio Eiffel 65. Gone are the heavily auto-tuned vocals, replaced by rapping as aggressive as anything Linkin Park or DMX every did. College students truly are our nation’s future.