Get it?

By Dan Gartland
December 12, 2017

The NBA-worst Bulls whooped the East-leading Celtics on Monday night, 108–85, behind strong performances from Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis. Mirotic had 24 points and eight rebounds, while Portis recorded 23 points and four boards. Mirotic’s outing is even more impressive when you consider that it was only his third game back after Portis broke his face with a punch. 

The backstory is obviously a headline writer’s dream, as the Bulls’ postgame show proved. 

Portis and Mirotic are totally cool now, though, and even showed some good chemistry on the court in the win over Boston. 

“I don’t want to keep talking about me and Niko,” Portis told reporters after the game. “We’re just going out there, playing our games. Playing off each other. It’s good for our second unit. Our second unit’s been clicking real well, and it’s been fun.”

If they keep playing well together, they may have found a new nickname for their duo. 

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