Get All the Way Out of Here With This ‘All Seeing Eye’ Nonsense, Kyrie

Kyrie’s new shoes "challenge everyone to seek their own answers beyond the ones that are given to us by books, media, internet, etc."
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You know who I’m totally fed up with? Kyrie Irving. I’ve had it up to here with his pseudo-intellectual crap. Check out the latest bit of idiocy from the NBA’s premier dorm room philosopher. 

Come onnnnnn. Give me a break with this stuff, Kyrie. 

The Celtics’ Young Aristotle is always asking people to “seek their own answers.” That’s a nice sentiment when taken out of context, but for Kyrie this means diving the rabbit hole of junk science and conspiracy theories. 

Here is his first public reaction to the backlash about his Flat Earth trutherism. 

“I think people should do their own research, man. And then hopefully they’ll back my own belief or throw it in the water. But I think it’s interesting for people to find out on their own.”

Here he is in a Boston radio interview as the hosts practically begged him to disavow the Flat Earth theory.

“That was the intent behind it. Do your own research, don’t come to me and ask me. At the end of the day, you’re going to feel and believe the way you want to feel. But don’t knock my life over that.”

Here he is on Geno Auriemma’s podcast, again talking about the Flat Earth. 

“When I started actually doing research on my own and figuring out that there is no real picture of Earth, not one real picture of Earth—and we haven’t been back to the moon since 1961 or 1969—it becomes like conspiracy, too.”

Here he is explaining to Bleacher Report’s Tom Haberstroh that a widely debunked documentary didn’t convince him to turn vegan

“Nah,” Irving says. “I started becoming more in touch with myself. I did my own research.”

So, please, by all means, question conventional wisdom and pursue a greater understanding of the world around you. Just don’t ask Kyrie for the answers. He sounds like he’s about a year away from joining Scientology.