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Matt Barnes Says Becoming a Billionaire in 13 Years Is ‘Definitely Attainable’

He has to make at least $980 million. 

Recently retired NBA agitator Matt Barnes is rich, but he’s not that rich. 

Barnes announced his retirement last week with a photo on Instagram of himself wearing sweats and a denim jacket. The post included the hashtag “#BillionaireBy50,” which is exactly what it sounds like. The 37-year-old Barnes thinks he can become a billionaire in the next 13 years. 

TMZ caught up with Barnes on Monday and asked him about his plan to become obscenely wealthy in the blink of an eye. It’s “definitely attainable,” Barnes explained, thanks to the various business interests he already has in his portfolio, including a production company. 

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Barnes made just over $29 million in his career, but when you take out taxes, living expenses and fines from the league, he’s way farther away from a billion. Even if we suppose he saved about half of that money, he still has to make like $980 million in a little more than a decade. 

That’s a tough task, but if we learned anything about Barnes in 14 NBA seasons it’s that he’s going to try incredibly hard to make it happen. He might end up insulting a rival’s mother in the process, but that’s just part of being Matt Barnes.