Despite an ardent fan campaign to get Joel Embiid with Rihanna, he said he is "onto the next one."

By Khadrice Rollins
January 18, 2018

Despite an ardent fan campaign to get Joel Embiid with Rihanna, he said he is "onto the next one."

For context, Embiid officially became an All-Star after the starters for the game were announced Thursday.

Making the All-Star Game, especially your first, is naturally a big deal for any player, but this might have even more meaning for Embiid.

Prior to the start of his rookie season, the 76ers center went on a social media campaign to go on a date with Rihanna. Despite his many attempts to get her attention on various social media platforms, all of his attempts came up short. However, according to Embiid, "a famous girl" he was trying to get with told him to come back when he was an All-Star.

Well, the day has arrived, and people wanted to know what Rihanna will do now that Embiid has fulfilled his end of the deal.

So naturally, the best way to figure this out, is by tagging Joel Embiid's on Rihanna's Instagram post.

But Embiid knows Rihanna missed her shot, saying she denied him them, and he's moving on. 

It's unlikely something would have happened anyway as the pop star is rumored to be dating billionaire Hassan Jameel.

But it's fun to think about how cute JoJo and RiRi would be together.

If she was willing to "wear" Embiid's rookie jersey, who knows just how deep their love could actually be?

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