David Blatt's Attempt At Trolling Cavaliers' Defense Backfires

The former Cleveland coach was ready to joke about the Cavaliers giving up 148 points Saturday, but was not ready to backup his trash talk.
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David Blatt was ready with the jokes after the Cavaliers gave up 148 points in a 24-point loss to the Thunder Saturday.

The former Cleveland coach was talking with media before the start of the Turkish BSL All-Star Game when he took a shot at the team he coached for a season and a half.

"I hope we don't give up as many points as the Cavaliers gave up last night," Blatt said before his Team Europe took on Team Asia in the exhibition. It was a great dig at the team that fired him the same year it went on to win its first title.

Blatt's only job after delivering that amazing shot was to make sure his team didn't allow more than 147 points in a basketball game. Easy, right?

Well, Blatt's Team Europe gave up 151 and lost by nine to Team Asia, 151-142.

If there is any potential silver lining for Blatt after this outcome it's that he doesn't have to worry about what LeBron James decides to do this offseason.

Before he can take solace in that however, he needs to remove the foot that got stuck in his mouth.