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LeBron James Calls Warriors Rumors ‘Nonsense’ and ‘a Non-Story’

LeBron James emphatically put those Warriors rumors to bed. 

LeBron James made it clear Friday that he has no interest in signing with the Warriors this summer. 

“The first thing I did was start laughing, actually,” James told reporters. “It’s nonsense. It’s a non-story. I think it’s a discredit to what I’m trying to do here.”

James would be willing to listen to an offer from the Warriors, ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported early Thursday morning, provided Golden State had the requisite cap space. 

“Out of respect for the Warriors' winning culture, James would listen” to a pitch from the team, Haynes reported. 

James added that he would not take any questions about his pending free agency until after the season and that any reports about potential destinations can’t be trusted unless they come from his mouth. 

“I’m here, I’m right here, I’m right now and this is my present and this is where I’m at,” James said. “If you don’t hear something come from my voice, then it’s not true. I don’t give a damn how close they are. I don’t care if it’s my wife or my kids. If it’s not from me, it’s not true.”