Joel Embiid isn’t giving up on Rihanna. 

By Dan Gartland
February 20, 2018

Joel Embiid and Rihanna is the NBA story that just won’t die. 

For background, way back in 2014 Embiid tweeted a dinner invitation to Rihanna and then tweeted weeks later about being rebuffed by a “famous girl” who told him “Come back when you’re an All-Star.”

Embiid said in 2017 that the woman he was talking about wasn’t Rihanna, which no one believed. He then essentially confirmed in a postgame TNT interview that the woman in question actually was Rih-Rih, while adding that he was going to “move on to the next one.”

But, in a wild twist, it now sounds like Embiid isn’t moving on. 

SI sent Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer to the All-Star Game, where Nate asked Embiid about his never-ending pursuit of Rihanna. His very Embiid response: “It’s a process.” (See his full reaction in the video at the top of the page.)

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