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Kevin Durant Likes Instagram Comment Calling Russell Westbrook 'The Problem'

Durant is back at it on social media.

Kevin Durant is once again at the forefront of an internet controversy.

On Monday, the Warriors' superstar liked a comment that called Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook "the problem" when the two were teammates with the Thunder.

The original post highlighted Durant's advice to Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo in which Durant drew on his experience in OKC. 

Durant did apologize for liking the comment, saying it was a "total accident," but come on, Kevin. Don't you know better by now? Last year, Durant was exposed for having burner accounts on Twitter and Instagram that he used to defend himself against trolls from time to time.

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To be fair to Durant, the Warriors are probably so bored with the Spurs that he has time to scroll through Instagram. But still, it's not a great look for the nine-time All-Star.

I'm sure Westbrook doesn't need more motivation to prove his doubters wrong, but I for one can't wait to hear his press conference when reporters ask him about this.