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NBA Prospect Lonnie Walker’s Hot New Conspiracy Theory: ‘The Earth Is Definitely an Illusion’

Sounds like somebody’s been watching The Matrix. 

Miami freshman Lonnie Walker IV might play a bit like Victor Oladipo but he does interviews like Kyrie Irving. 

During last week’s NBA combine in Chicago, Walker dropped a truth bomb that would make even Kyrie blush. 

“When you talk about facts and things of that nature, it’s amazing to me we’ve discovered so much about this world, yet, we don’t anything about this world,” Walker said. “The earth is not flat, in my opinion, but the earth, on my conspiracy, the earth is definitely an illusion.”

It sounds crazy, because it totally is, but Walker isn’t the only guy who believes this. A lot of Silicon Valley technocrats—including Elon Musk—believe we all live inside a complex computer simulation designed by a more intelligent higher power. 

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