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Draymond Green on Warriors Skipping White House Visit: We Would Say No To Trump Again

Draymond Green says skipping White House visit not about Trump, but 'about what we stand for'

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green repeated the team's stance about skipping the White House visit, saying on CNN the visit isn't about President Donald Trump, instead of issues the team stands for.

The Warriors won their third title in the last four years with a sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers and even before their championship victory, some Warriors said they would not go to the White House, even if invited.

“I know we would make the same decision to not go,” Green said on CNN's “Cuomo Prime Time." “It’s not about not seeing Donald Trump or anything else that goes with it, but more so about what we stand for. In order to effect change, you have to stand for something. If you go about it the same way, you do the same things you do if everything is normal, then you won’t effect change.”

Trump canceled the visit by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles just one day before they were supposed to celebrate their title. Instead holding a celebration at the White House, Trump was joined by the United States Marine Band and the Army Chorus to sing the national anthem.

“Our goal is to effect some change and use our platform to do that,” Green said. “That’s why we opted not to go to the White House, because it would just be status quo if we did, and then how does your voice even matter?”