Dwight Howard Introduced Himself in Washington With a Predictably Lame Joke

Welcome to the Dwight Howard experience, Washington. 
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Dwight Howard will be playing this season for his fourth team in four years, partially because he was making a lot of money at a position that’s gone out of style in the modern NBA, but also partially because he’s a big goofball.

Howard has not been well liked by people inside and outside the NBA during his 14 years in the league. When the Hornets traded Howard to the Nets this summer, former Charlotte center Brendan Haywood said Howard was not a popular teammate.

“The locker room hated Dwight Howard,” Haywood said. “I’m not sure if Charlotte is rebuilding or if they’re just trying to get Dwight Howard out of there, but it was clear the locker room did not like Dwight Howard.”

Fans don’t like him largely because he tries way too hard to be funny, which is what made Howard’s press conference with the Wizards on Monday so perfect. 

That is the epitome of the Dwight Howard experience. Look at the way Scott Brooks forces a smile as he realizes he signed up for two years of this.