Donovan Mitchell Pays for Stranger’s iPhone Repair After He Couldn’t Afford It

Just another way Donovan Mitchell came through in the clutch. 
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Donovan Mitchell is already the most popular athlete in Utah, as much for his breakout rookie campaign as for his relationship with the community. Now Utahns have even more of a reason to love him. 

A Jazz fan shared a story Thursday morning about his brother, who needed to have his phone repaired but realized he didn’t have the money. Luckily for him, Mitchell happened to be there. 

“I have a brother that’s a little delayed in his development,” Andrew Simeona wrote on Twitter. “At the Apple store today he was told by a rep what he’d have to pay to have his iPhone repaired. He couldn’t afford it. Spida overheard and covered the cost for him. Donovan is simply the best.”

It seems like we’re hearing more and more stories of athletes doing good deeds for fans, and it never gets old.