NBA Stars Take Their Pick in the Greatest of All Time Debate

Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O'Neal also recieved votes in the GOAT debate. 
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The Greatest of All Time debate has been a dominant conversation in NBA circles for years now. It usually centers on LeBron James squaring off against Michael Jordan in the sports world's premier hypothetical matchup.

The points of debate have long been established. Jordan has the six rings, while James is on pace to shatter a slate of NBA records. But unless we can throw James in a time machine or rejuvenate Jordan to his 1990's prime, the debate is likey to rage on through the entirety of James' career. 

One way to decide the true GOAT? Perhaps we can lean on some experts to help us decide. And who better to weigh in than current NBA players? polled 18 players in a video released on Thursday by asking the question that's weighed on the minds of NBA fans for the past few years: Who is truly the Greatest of All Time?

Check out the vote totals below: 

Team LeBron (7 votes): 

Omari Spellman – Hawks

Kevin Huerter – Hawks

Ben Simmons – 76ers

Josh Jackson – Suns

Robert Covington – Timberwolves

Nik Stauskas – Trail Blazers

Mo Bamba – Magic

Team Jordan (6 votes): 

George Hill – Cavaliers

Aaron Gordon – Magic

Evan Fournier – Magic

C.J. McCollum – Trail Blazers

Darren Collison – Pacers

Danny Green – Raptors

Dewayne Dedmon – Hawks

Others Receiving Votes: 

Kobe Bryant (3 votes)

Allen Iverson (1 vote)

Shaquille O'Neal (1 vote)