Watch: Rudy Gobert Gets Ejected Fewer Than Three Minutes Into Jazz Game Against Rockets

Rudy Gobert picked up two quick fouls before getting angry enough to be tossed from Thursday's game.
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Rudy Gobert did not last long in Thursday's game between the Jazz and Rockets.

The defending Defensive Player of the Year was ejected fewer than three minutes into the contest in Utah after losing his temper following his second foul in the game.

Gobert's first foul came during the jump ball against Houston's Clint Capela. The second came when he was trying to clear out James Harden on a post up and Gobert put the reigning MVP on the floor.

When he was subbed out of the game, he knocked some cups off the scorers and then yelled at the officials until he was tossed.

Despite losing Gobert, the Jazz got out of the first quarter with a 27-18 lead.

During the game, Gobert decided to hop on Instagram and show off the workout he was getting while his team was playing.

At the break, the 12-13 Jazz still had their lead.