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Kyrie Irving Weighs in on Stephen Curry's Moon Landing Comments, Calls Reactions 'Unfair'

Irving has had some experience of his own with floating a conspiracy theory and getting a pretty heated reaction as a result.

Known celestial conspiracy theorist and Celtics guard Kyrie Irving had a few thoughts about the media frenzy that followed after Warriors guard Stephen Curry said he didn't believe astronauts landed on the moon.

Irving, who experienced a similar fallout after he stated in February 2017 that he believed that the earth was flat, which he eventually apologized for, said that the kinds of reactions he and Curry experienced are "a little unfair at times."

The Celtics' five-time NBA All-Star also called out the outlets who criticized Curry for his comments.

"There's world hunger going on, there are political things going on, there are so many higher things in the totem poll of society that matter to human beings but hey–Steph Curry says that he doesn't believe in the moon [and] it's the thing all over. It's on CNN and they say we're just jocks, just athletes, but it's on your channel."

Curry started all the hubbub when he appeared on The Ringer’s “Winging It” podcast featuring Hawks wings Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore. Almost out of the blue, the Golden State All-Star offered up this take.

“We ever been to the moon?” Curry asked in the interview. After two people replied "nope," Curry said, "They're gonna come get us. I don't think so either."

Curry has since accepted an invitation to visit NASA when the Warriors go to Houston in March. He also clarified that he was joking and interviewed retired astronaut Scott Kelly, who once spent 340 days orbiting Earth on the International Space Station, over Instagram live.

In his Instagram live with Kelly, Curry said he needed to be more aware of the weight his words carry.

“It was important for me to understand, one, the magnitude of things that I say in my comments, and how much weight they carry, no matter if I am joking or not, but totally honor that in every situation I put myself in,” Curry said, as transcribed by Warriors Wire.

Irving said that sometimes these types of comments can come from what he referred to as "speaking ahead of yourself." When Irving apologized for his earth comments while speaking at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston in October, he echoed Curry's recognition of needing to be more aware of the power that comes with their platforms.

"At the time, I was, like, innocent in it," Irving said at the summit. "But you realize the effect of the power of voice."