Steph Curry talked about space travel with a man who spent almost a full year in orbit.

By Dan Gartland
December 17, 2018

One of these guys has been to space

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Stephen Curry is very sorry for the hubbub he caused last week by saying the 1969 moon landing (and the five return trips after that) never really happened.

Those comments caught the eye of retired astronaut Scott Kelly, who once spent 340 days orbiting Earth on the International Space Station.

Steph, who says he comment was just a joke, has already agreed to pay NASA a visit when the Warriors go to Houston in March. On Saturday, he got a head start on his space travel education by interviewing Kelly over Instagram live. 


“It was important for me to understand, one, the magnitude of things that I say in my comments, and how much weight they carry, no matter if I am joking or not, but totally honor that in every situation I put myself in,” Curry said, as transcribed by Warriors Wire.

Kelly saw Curry’s comments as a gateway to other, more harmful conspiracies.

“When people believe [flat Earth or moon landing conspiracies],” Kelly told Curry, as transcribed by the Washington Post“they believe the other things that are more important like climate change not being real or vaccines and 9/11 being a conspiracy theory.”

So yeah, scientific literacy is a serious issue and people as famous as Steph or Kyrie Irving should be careful about what they say. But also, it’s fun to make jokes at those guys’ expense. 

Sebastian Janikowski is too old to tackle anymore

Janikowski outweighs Niners kick returner Richie James Jr. by 75 pounds, which you would think would make tackling him fairly easy. We’ll never know, because Sea Bass decided he’d rather not get his uniform dirty. 

11 years after he was drafted, Josh Johnson gets his first NFL win

It was only against the Jaguars but Josh Johnson has his first NFL victory as a starting QB. 

“I’ve always had belief in myself that I can do things like this, but, I’ve never been one to talk about it because talking does nothing,” Johnson said after the game. “Just to have it go our way and be able to just have everything that has been building up in me for years and finally let it out, it was a relief. Honestly, it was. It was just a relief.”

Sunday was only Johnson’s sixth career start, and it came just week after he threw his first NFL pass since 2011. 

The best of SI

The Patriots looked extremely un-Patriots-like in their loss to the Steelers. ... After a very confusing Friday night, the Wizards finally acquired Trevor Ariza from the Suns in a weird trade for both sides. ... The coolest college football game of the weekend was Alcorn State vs. North Carolina A&T.

Around the sports world

I don’t want to spoil it but this story about Charles Barkley and an unlikely friend he made is really amazing. ... The Division II national championship game was played at a massive high school stadium. ... A Montreal businessman seems to think MLB is returning to the city. ... Kliff Kingsbury was hired as USC offensive coordinator but Jay Glazer reports that NFL teams are willing to buy out his contract to hire him.

The classic on-field proposal

Only four catches for 40 yards after this pre-game snack

But still good enough to get a shoutout from Belichick

He got knocked out but never fell down

He’s in a wheelchair but Alex Smith is finally out of the hospital

This guy was already 61 years old when Coors Light came out

Now that’s how you cover a punt

Not sports

A British man inspired by a Netflix show to start searching with a metal detector found ancient gold. ... This is an old but fascinating story: A Texas man would suddenly get insanely drunk because yeast in his stomach was fermenting sugar from his food and turning it into alcohol. ... Benicio Del Toro is going to be the villain in the Dora the Explorer movie

This is some amazing video editing

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Beer Pong in a Parallel Universe!

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(Explanation here.)

The magic behind Lord of the Rings

Bob Odenkirk auditions for The Office

A good song

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