Jefferson's tale was about a time Bryant convinced the refs to give him some free throws.

By Charlotte Carroll
December 19, 2018

Richard Jefferson appeared on the Nets' broadcast during Tuesday's game against the Lakers and took the chance to share an never-before-heard Kobe Bryant story.

Jefferson claims that Bryant was once able to convince the refs to give him some free throws.

"I’ll tell you a Kobe story," Jefferson said. "They were trying to figure out whether or not he was shooting or not and Kobe straight told the official, ‘I haven’t passed the ball all night.’ They just ended up giving him the free throws. They accepted that. Kobe was like ‘I haven’t passed it all night.’ And they kind of looked around and were like, ‘Yeah, let’s give him the free throws.’ It was great logic."

Jefferson spent 17 years in the NBA and before retiring in October. He won an NBA championship with the Cavaliers in 2016 and Olympic bronze medal in 2004 at the Athens Games. Jefferson played with the Nets, Bucks, Spurs, Warriors, Jazz, Mavericks and Nuggets in addition to the Cavaliers. 

Bryant retired in 2016 after a 20-year career with the Lakers. He was an 18-time All-Star and five-time NBA champion.

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