Kings Fans Wear 'Build That Wall' and 'Trump' Jerseys, Claim Outfits Weren't Political Statement

Kings fans Daniel Goldsmith and Pete Molinelli donned the jerseys while sitting courtside at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. 
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Kings fans Daniel Goldsmith and Pete Molinelli donned a pair of controversial jerseys while Sacramento faced Miami at the Golden 1 Center on Friday. The phrases "Build That Wall" and "Trump" were emblazoned across their backs. Goldsmith said the customized threads were meant to be a joke more than political statement. 

“I just do it to make my friends laugh, and it worked," Goldsmith told theSacramento Bee. "Now I’m here. There’s really no other message behind it.”

Goldsmith posted the photo on his Instagram account on Monday.

Goldsmith is a "lifelong Kings fan", according to the Bee. He reportedly doesn't consider himself a supporter of President Trump and doesn't "have enough knowlege about politics to have any sort of opinion."

Sacramento is eighth in the West at 30–26 entering Wednesday night. The Kings haven't made the playoffs since 2006.