Steph and Seth Curry are upping the stakes for Saturday night's NBA All-Star Weekend Three-Point Contest.

By Associated Press
February 16, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Curry brothers have levied a wager for their head-to-head competition in Saturday night's NBA 3-point contest: Whoever loses must buy tickets for the entire Curry family anytime they play against each other for the remainder of their NBA careers.

Stephen said Saturday before practice for the All-Star Game that "the stakes are pretty high considering how many people show up for our games."

It's unclear if the group will include a new sister-in-law. There are reports that Seth has proposed to Callie Rivers, the daughter of NBA coach Doc Rivers. Asked about it Saturday, Seth declined to talk about their relationship.

Stephen, who won the 3-point competition in 2015, said he is motivated to win it again because he "knows for a fact" that everybody else in the Curry family – including his parents – are pulling for Seth.

"So I hope to pull the upset," Stephen said with a laugh.

Both players are hoping to do better than their father Dell Curry, who participated in the 3-point contest twice but never made it out of the first round. Seth, making his first appearance, said Dell advised them to "do a whole lot better than I did."

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