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NBA Playoff Picture: Current Standings, Seeds, Matchups

Find out who might go head-to-head as the NBA playoffs draw closer.

Less than a month remains before the NBA regular season comes to an end and the 2019 playoffs begin.

As April 13 approaches, nine of the 16 playoff spots have been filled and only one team, the Milwaukee Bucks, have secured a division title.

The Bucks have the best record in the league, but with the Raptors within four games in the Eastern Conference standings, even they will still have work to do during the season's final stretch.

Only 3.5 games separate the third, fourth and fifth seeds in the East, and the middle of the pack in the West could change daily throughout March and April.

With two weeks left until the end of the regular season, here's what the opening round of the playoffs looks like:

Standings will be updated as more berths are clinched.

Eastern Conference:

1) Milwaukee Bucks (58–20) vs. 8) Miami Heat (38–39)

2) Toronto Raptors (55–23) vs. 7) Brooklyn Nets (39–39)

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3) Philadelphia 76ers (49–28) vs. 6) Detroit Pistons (39–38)

4) Boston Celtics (46–32) vs. 5) Indiana Pacers (46–32)

Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, Indiana and Boston have clinched playoff spots.

Western Conference:

1) Golden State Warriors (53–24) vs. 8) Oklahoma City Thunder (45–33)

2) Denver Nuggets (51–26) vs. 7) San Antonio Spurs (45–33)

3) Houston Rockets (50–28) vs. 6) Los Angeles Clippers (47–31)

4) Portland Trail Blazers (49–28) vs. 5) Utah Jazz (47–30)

All West teams have clinched playoff spots.