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Stephen Curry Started Wearing Contacts to Address Eye Condition

Steph Curry has a cornea condition and recently addressed the problem by getting contact lenses.

Warriors star Steph Curry saw a slight decline in his shooting last month and addressed the problem by starting to wear contacts.

Curry, 31, didn't need corrective lenses due to his age or a sudden change in his eyesight. It turns out that Curry has suffered from a cornea condition called Keratoconus for all of his life, according to The Athletic's Marcus Thompson II. Keratoconus is a disease where the cornea thins over time and begins to change from its natural circular shape to one similar to a cone. Because of it, the cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye and causes blurred vision.

"I started wearing contacts," Curry said. "It’s like the whole world has opened up."

Before getting his contact lenses, Curry was starting to see a three-point shooting slump. During the month of February, Curry made only 51 of 135 three-point attempts (.378%). He shot .411 last season in the month of February.

The Warriors star saw his numbers increase in March by shooting .433% and going on a nine-game streak through Tuesday's win over the Nuggets where he made at least five threes per game. He shot 56 of 109 attempts during that span.

Curry admitted that he should wear glasses but doesn't and got so used to squinting that it became "normal." He finally decided to give contacts a try after seeing a decline in his numbers. His Keratoconus will progessively get worse as his cornea thins, and some people end up needing corneal transplant surgery or corneal collagen cross-linking if their condition is severe. Curry's contacts seem to fix the problem for him and allow him to see clearly now.