Ben Simmons 'Missing Jumper' Poster Shows Nets Fans Are Ready for Postseason Trash Talk

Thursday's game in Brooklyn between the Nets and 76ers has been prefaced with some interesting exchanges and quality smack talk.
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It's been four years since the Nets hosted a playoff game, and the fans seem prepared to do their part for Thursday's contest against the 76ers.

After the teams split the first two gamesof the series in Philadelphia, there have been some notable exchanges in the media.

Joel Embiid tried to apologize for an elbow that hit Jarrett Allen in the head, but his apology became all about how he and Ben Simmons were laughing during it. Caris LeVert explained how the Nets found that "disrespectful."

Jared Dudley backed that sentiment, and he also gave his opinion on Simmons's game, which he feels is great in transition, but "average" in the halfcourt setting.

Simmons quipped back, "It's coming from Jared Dudley, come on."

And now the Brooklyn fans are getting involved in the mess.

The "drinking in Orlando" comment is related to a recent New York Daily Newsreport from Chris Sheridan that alleges Simmons missed a game earlier in the season against the Magic because he was out drinking all night. The reward is simply the amount for his contract. And the listed contact was the cherry on top of a quality poster that centered on a pretty played out premise that Simmons can't shoot.

The crowd in Brooklyn needs to be slightly more creative than this going forward, but considering the last time they hosted a playoff game they had Deron Williams and Joe Johnson on the roster, this feels like a decent way to ease back into the mix of postseason smack talk.