NBA Officials: James Harden Was Not Fouled By Draymond Green on Potential Game-Tying Three

The Rockets trailed the Warriors 103-100 when James took a shot with about 10 seconds left and appeared to draw some contact from Draymond Green.
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When James Harden attempted what would have been a game-tying three-pointer late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 104-100 loss to the Warriors, the officials were correct to keep their whistle silent, according to the league's last-two minute report.

In addition to saying it was a correct no-call when Draymond Green appeared to make contact in air and take away Harden's landing space, the last-two minute report also says Stephen Curry fouled Eric Gordon shortly after that on a play that led to Golden State gaining possession with fewer than five seconds remaining.

After the game, Harden said he just wants "a fair chance" when speaking about the officiating.

Green said, "I've been fouled by James on a James three-pointer before."

Game 2 of the second-round series is Tuesday in Golden State.