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The Best and Worst Outfits From the 2019 NBA Draft

The NBA draft brings out the best and worst of basketball prospect fashion choices.

For NBA fans, draft night is one of the most exciting with fresh hope for teams who can look to the future in their new prospects. 

But it's also a great night for fashion, with players pulling out all the stops for their big moment. This year, patterned suits and loafers seem to be having their moment. But projected No. 1 pick Zion Williamson opted for a more clean, understated look.

Whether it's customized suit jacket interiors or just comic book personification— we're looking at you Bol Bol— there's no shortage of good looks and creativity. 

Below are some of the most notable outfits from this year's attendees:

We'll let you decide the night's best and worst. And when we say worst, we mean these are outfits that you know you could never pull it off.