Report: NBA to Add Coach's Challenges in Summer Leagues

Coaches will reportedly receive one challenge per game.
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The NBA plans to add a coach's challenge to the upcoming summer leagues and expects to use the rule change during the 2019-20 regular season, according to ESPN.

The league reportedly sent out a memo to teams about the rule change on Friday morning. Under the new rule, coaches will receive one challenge per game and will lose it even if the challenge is successful. Coaches can challenge called fouls, goaltending, basket interference and plays where the ball is knocked out of bounds, reports ESPN.

The league has previously tried out this challenge system in the previous two G League seasons.

In order to use the challenge, coaches must have a timeout remaining and call it immediately after the event in question. Coaches must twirl their index finger towards the referee to indicate they'd like to use the challenge. If the challenge is successful, the team gets to keep its timeout but will lose it if they are unsuccessful.

The referees' crew chief will review challenges for called fouls, while the NBA's Replay Center will make a decision on all other challenges. All technical flagrant fouls that happen during or right after the challenged call will stand, no matter the challenge's outcome.

According to ESPN, the NBA's office and competition committee will recommend for the Board of Governors to approve the rule change for the 2019-20 season on a "trial basis." If the rule goes into effect, it will be part of a one-year pilot program.

Approval for the suggested change requires backing from two-thirds of NBA teams in a formal vote of the Board of Governors. The league will reportedly submit the change to the board for a vote on July 9.