LeBron James Beat 73-Win Warriors, Always Cherish It: Unchecked

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LeBron James came back from 3-1 to beat the 73-win Warriors. Always cherish it. Because while we don’t have new games, we do have memories.

And the first comeback of that magnitude in the NBA Finals is as good as they come. LeBron says it is what made him the GOAT.

For my money he’s not wrong...because aside from people like me proclaiming James the best they’ve ever seen, that was what officially put the conversation with him and Michael Jordan mainstream.

Of course like any other accomplishment we credit to an individual it was a team thing. Rewatching the series on ESPN I gained a renewed appreciation for the rest of that Cavaliers squad. Kyrie Irving was absolutely brilliant down to the series winner, JR Smith had an invaluable stretch in game seven, Kevin Love switched on to Steph Curry and it wouldn’t have happened without vets like Richard Jefferson.

Things move so fast in the modern 24/7 news cycle with social media involved, we’re always on to the next topic. But that is an accomplishment that will stand the test of time so while we’ve got it, not only will I not forget it, I’ll live it again. 

I’m sure everyone was missing their LeBron content anyway. Well, there is plenty of it in the archives including a performance where he led both teams in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals; the only time that has ever happened in a playoff series and against a 73-win team. 

King indeed.