LeBron James Knows Bubble NBA Championship Will Be Special and Impossible to Replicate: Unchecked

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LeBron James chose not to put a message on the back of his jersey, but he did have one for the rest of the league, he’s on a mission when it comes to the NBA bubble.

And while James is right that his work off the court speaks for itself, when it comes to basketball, he is clearly aware of what this championship will mean, for anyone who wins it, but especially for him.

People can say what they want, however, one thing is for sure, this year’s title is something that will be impossible to replicate. After four months off and returning under unprecedented circumstances—the only reason for an asterisk to be used in this case is to indicate a unique achievement.

For James, winning it all this year would already have been extra special, now it has been taken to another level. Which is probably why he let everybody know his revenge season is about to continue with a comic book style Instagram post depicting a Weapon X esque version of himself.

After everything that has taken place since he’s gotten to Los Angeles, reviving the Lakers glory, while becoming the first superstar to win for three different franchises, in year 17, at age 35, from the bubble, would give LeBron yet another defining moment. And his second of four championships that would stand against any in history.

At this point in his career, he doesn’t need anything, but somehow LeBron James still has a chance to add to his legacy—and to create a moment that will last forever and look damn good in the eventual documentary.