Damian Lillard Is Proof Today's NBA Players Are Better Than Ever: Unchecked


Might as well call him Logo Lillard.

And when it comes to Dame's spectacular performance in the bubble, I keep coming back to this stat. Tuesday night after dropping 61, his third 60+ point performance this season, Dame joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only players in NBA history to have at least three 60 point games in a season. 

Which is probably why afterwards Lillard asked everyone to put some respect on his name. It’s also why, in my mind, people need to put respect on the modern game, as Dame is a prime example that today’s NBA players are better than ever.

Wilt is almost a mythical figure for his athletic prowess. Dame is a small point guard. Or maybe more appropriately points guard. 

Because playing a position once known for distributing, not only does Lillard drop dimes, he had 12 last night, but he also has 154 points over his last three contests. Including making nearly half of his 43 threes. They aren’t spot up shots either, he’s mostly nailing off the dribble pull ups from 30 something feet away, or even half court.

How are you supposed to defend that? Especially with the floor spaced. And against someone who can also take you off the bounce and looks to set up others.

And here’s the thing about it, Lillard doesn’t even come up in conversations as one of the top five players in the league! (Though you never know if he could be in the process of changing that.) It just goes to show you how absurdly skilled the top players in the NBA are today.

People like to talk about a lack of defense when actually it’s that what these guys are doing almost can’t be defended. Which is why I get offended when some say another era could handle them, hand check or not, as that’s ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as Damian Lillard’s game is since Dame Dolla is money from nearly anywhere on the court.